St Peter

Do you ask me if what the Church teaches are in the Bible? (though I would say YES, but if you ask if ALL ARE I would give you the reply below)

I ask you, which book did Peter and Paul read before they taught about Christ?

You tell me they saw Christ and were instructed by him directly.

I ask again, what of those who lived 200 years before the bible was compiled? Which book did they use? … and you are now silent.

          The bible is not a book but a collection of books. These books were written by people from different cultures, traditions and shades of the same belief. The Authority that judged the authenticity of these write-ups was the Church’s. It was the Church, in the Council of Rome in AD 382 that judged and confirmed these books to be in conformity with her faith. Note that before then they already had a belief. This belief was the faith they professed which was handed over to them in both written and oral teachings (Tradition). The two had equal and indivisible essence to them since they proceeded from a single source (The Holy Spirit acting through Church Leaders i.e. the Apostles). Also note (for those who insist that EVERYTHING MUST be in the bible), the Apostles DID NOT write more than they spoke. So their oral teachings are usually more voluminous (if penned down) than their writings. If you doubt then I ask you if all that Peter taught ended in his Epistles in the New Testament (which is very short compared to what an Apostle of that age would want to teach)


          The People of old rejected Christ because he was from their own times and was even a neighbor to them. Today people reject the authority of the Church and the Pope. They prefer things of the PAST. this is exactly what the people did in the time of Christ, they preferred Elijah and the other prophets of old. They doubted the authority of Christ.

Today, even some Catholics challenge the teachings of the Church. They would quote bible verses and so on. But i ask, is there a difference between the Authority of Peter and Benedict? Of course not. Though these are two different persons, yet they share the same authority before Christ. So that when Peter speaks to us in the New Testament, and when The Pope speaks to us in His writings, the two are from the same Chair, and have EQUAL force.

Christ did not come for the people of old alone, neither did the authority his gave them die with them, he came for EVERYONE both the living, (the Present) the dead (Past) and the Future generations ( the Future). God’s power transcends time and space, so he can choose to touch you from the merits of the blood of Christ which was shed 2000 years ago, and he can choose to raise Elijah to heaven who died centuries before Christ came to the world. He can choose to celebrate the Eucharist (which derives its power from the cross) even before he died and shed the blood he gave the Apostles.

He Married this Bride (the Church) and made her certain promises:

1. That the gates of hell shall not conquer this Church, (which means they can neither mislead anyone nor be misled)

2. That he has given them (especially their Leader) the keys to the Kingdom of Heaven (which means they wield the power of Christ on earth, to teach and to forgive sins)

Therefore anyone who speaks against this Church says:

1. That Christ is a liar and a looser. That the gates of hell has taken over his Bride, the Church. (and Christ is listening)

2. That Christ has no authority, since it has died with peter to whom he gave it, and that he has no power to stretch it further than Peter. (and Christ is listening)

RANDOM CONSIDERATIONS  (What people say we are) 

  • That all Catholics are worshipping idols 
  •  We are not true Christians as we preach false doctrines


These things stated above can only imply one thing: that the Church is hell bound..

Hmm, what a way of chasing people away from the light.

 I ask you: 

  •  Does it mean Christ lied when he made us promise of infallibility and presence?
  •  Does it mean that Christ has been blind to many Catholics falling into hell? Notwithstanding the cost he paid to redeem them? 
  • Does it mean that it is better to CHOOSE YOUR CHURCH rather than OBEY AND TRUST Christ’s word? (Whosoever listens to you, listens to me)
  • Or has Christ become weak that he can no longer protect HIS BRIDE?


Such thoughts are abominations not to talk of teaching things that imply them or actually believing them. I advise non Catholics to Rather keep quiet than say things they are not sure of. 

I once asked a protestant this question (He argued that Catholics are going to hell) 

“So does it mean that Christ has refused to save several billion Catholics for 2000 years, but has chosen your Church (which is not up to 50 years old) to be the CHOSEN ONES WHO WILL MAKE HEAVEN”?

He couldn’t answer.

The Church remains the UNTAINTED, INFALLIBLE AND PERFECT BRIDE of Christ. Anyone who bad-mouths her, bad-mouths the Lord Himself !!!