You send forth your light from your doors

Upon me where I lay at thy door steps

Drunk and shivering from my nights of prostitution on the brothel floors

Thy soothing light has become more pleasant than my corrupt eye accepts

Is that you that I see?

My ring I lost to those lords who tore my wedding garments

My veil I lifted before their faces

I dreamt of Shiloh at night knee deep in my ailment

But the first light found me standing at the brothel, back to my former ways

Given naught but a lift and a cuddle for settlement

Is that you that I see?

Searing through the veil of darkness where you laid shrouded

Wielding thy power that quickens all things and me

Touching deep to my soul’s center where I lay grounded

Is that you that I see in my heart? Oh King of Heaven, earth and sea

Thy hand will pull her from her cell

Squeezes, spitting, grimaces, all bitter the pill. Yes but remade in his house

Quick response; one touch at the sound of the bell

Will she remain in the home of her spouse?

A prostitute, yes a dead one, living is another one within, signed with His Seal.

This is a poem that depicts our sinfulness as met by the grace of God in Christ, who even after our many sins welcomes our repentance and sets us as princes in his house. 

With this i encourage all Catholics to make good use of the Sacrament of Penance, to return to the Lord; the Spouse of our souls and be at peace with him.