1. There are only 3 Persons in God. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.

2. They possess equal Power and Majesty; Co-eternal (none existed before the other, none is more powerful)

3. God is in constant work inside and outside Him. (Work here means "Activity" not Labour)

4. The Work within (Called: OPERA AD INTRA) is Father eternally begetting the Son, and the two Spirating/breathing forth the Holy Spirit or the Holy Spirit proceeding from the Father and Son.

5. The Work outside (OPERA AD EXTRA) is summed up in: CREATION, REDEMPTION, and SANCTIFICATION.

6. The Persons act in perfect unity. Though there are some actions ascribed to PERSONS in God: e.g. the Father Creates, the Son Redeems, and the Holy Spirit Sanctifies. However, the Father does not create without his Son (WORD), the Son does not redeem without His Father, and the Holy Spirit does not sanctify without the Father and the Son.

7. The Action of the Blessed Trinity within is one of Great Power; Power born of Love and Unity. The overflow of this Love and Power gave birth to the three Exterior works of God (Opera Ad extra). God's Opera ad intra, is the fount from whence flows everything good. God is Love himself, and so every action of God is rooted solely in love

8. The Mystery of the Blessed Trinity does not mean we CANNOT KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THIS, it means we cannot understand PERFECTLY. For instance WE KNOW there are 3 Persons but cannot UNDERSTAND PERFECTLY what this means.

9. The Blessed Trinity is One in Nature, Power, Existence, Authority, Majesty, and EVERYTHING but their Personhood. They are One in all things but only DISTINCT (Do not use "Different") in their Person.

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