A good sister asked for "evidence" for the validity of the immaculate conception dogma.

We briefly Explained:

Evidence is simply that God dwells in the holiest of places and if he ever came into the womb of Mary (which he did), he must have prepared it free from every stain of sin. Her womb, like heaven became unstained with even the slightest taint of original or actual sin.

Again if Jesus were to save us from sin, he too would not be affected by original sin. If Mary were affected by original sin, then Christ too would have suffered this too and would therefore be unable to save Us since he himself would be in this sin with us. However if Christ would save he needed be outside this pit of sin to draw us away from it. And Mary's immaculate conception was a way for Christ to be free from this sin and be in good position to draw us from it.

Plus, he also has revealed this truth to the Church over the years.

WHEN THE INQUIRER ARGUED "So the Dogma is based on assumption?"

We Replied : the explanation i have previously given you is pretty enough for someone who asks question to understand. I mentioned "revelation" in my explanation so i do not know where your "assumption" comes from. Probably you need to read the text better.

The matter is very clear, God has given us power to discern what he will and won't do, this kind of argument is drawn from REASON. God also has given us the gift to believe what he says to us even if we do not understand them, this is called FAITH.

The Dogma of the immaculate conception is both supported by reason and revealed by God himself (Faith). The Faith of the Church is that God being all Good, Perfect cannot have any taint of sin,and since he has all the power, he actually makes it that sin has no place in his incarnation, this is simple logic. He also has revealed this truth to his Church by the Magisterial Authority bestowed upon her and by the Apparition of Lourdes which confirms it.

Therefore, What we have merely thought as possible throughout the history of the Church, God himself has confirmed by the gift of revelation.

God bless.