Title: Love and Fidelity in the Family
Published: 2012

About the book: Love and Fidelity in the Family is a fruit of years of research and interaction with Children and adults with more tilt on the side of Children. It is a perfect combination of the Theology of Marriage, Psychology/Psychotherapy and Common sense. Here the Author attempts to lead the Families through a different direction; tracing their primary stability back to the Blessed Trinity and their Marital Union itself. Hence families, according to him, are meant to reflect the Family of the Blessed Trinity, and remain faithful to their calling. He also points parents to common but yet-unrecognized reasons why they fail in positively building their children; pointing them to the seriousness of those things they term unimportant in the upbringing of a child for, according to the book "to the little Children, only little things matter"

The book has been written for Nigerian Catholics, though anyone of any faith can draw so much for it, since there are several areas that concern daily family living.

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Dreams I've Never touched


Dreams I have never touched
Watched you as you left your home before the morning I came
I asked the world; my mother: why was your heart burning
She said she didn’t know; thought she lied: she knew everything
Dreams, only dreams

My esse was received, yet I own it as if I own it
Watched you as you rushed down
I asked why your heart was burning
Could get no reply that satisfied me
Dreams, only dreams

For those who you knew not; yet rushing like they were your own
The trade would make them yours, who you yourself had made
I asked why your heart was flooding
Everyone’s rattling amounted to pure silence
Dreams, only dreams

In you is another, and in you and him another
Commonness not silencing the truth of your distinction
Distinction not ripping off the power of unity
I asked how three could be one: I expected no answer
Dreams, only dreams

Oh where have you been, since I’ve been groping
For before I was, I became guilty
Enmity before I could even choose to be disgusted
I asked how this could be: but received nothing
Dreams, only dreams

Thieves shouted; killers wailed and destroyers shattered.
The Advent, their doom became
Through thy loss; they lost
I asked what these things meant: but got nothing
Dreams, only dreams

Before i Die

Wake my heart oh Lord before I die
Before darkness ceases my bones
May my eyes see the light again when I awake
When your power rests all these fights and struggles
Before I die may my heart live again

May I die oh Lord before I live again
Before the man in me awakens
May I mount the wings of the Dove and leave
Where all the winds cease at your command
Before I live may I die again