Every time we hear a truth, like Mary's Assumption for instance, some immediately ask "Where is it in the bible" ?

It is understandable we are looking for an authority to validate such claims. But my question is, which authority is the Court of final appeal in confirming Christian Truth?

The Church or the Bible?

If you say the Bible, you are not so wrong, but the only problem is: there was a time when the bible was not there, and did the Christians in those times go to hell or believe lies? NO!

The bible is a book of Authority, but it is not to the bible that the Lord said "Whoever listens to you , listens to me" or "Whatever you bind on earth is bound in heaven" (these are words showing DELEGATION OF ABSOLUTE AUTHORITY)

It is not the bible that Christ said "Go around the world and proclaim the good news"

the Bible is the written form of the will of God, while the Church is the LIVING Image of God on earth; it is the Church who is the Minister of Redemption; given power to proclaim the Good news, baptize and forgive sins; the Church gives Salvation through the exercise of the Ministry of Christ. The Bible was canonized by the Church and therefore the Church has more power than the Bible.

Something we fail to know is : Authority was given to Peter and the Apostles to define teachings; to direct the People on what to believe and what not to. The present day Apostles (Bishops) and the Peter (The Pope) also inherited this Authority.

But it has always been a problem with people without faith to believe things from their times; they always found it difficult to believe that a man they can see in their time has Authority from God to teach validly. In the time of Christ, people doubted him because they could see him, they knew his parents; he was their neighbor/brother. They preferred the things of the past; preferred Elijah and other ancient prophets. 

In their minds they believed God could delegate authority to men, but they would only believe that if THAT MAN WERE ALREADY DEAD; LONG DEAD. As for a man still breathing before them, this is possible, but they could not stop doubting unreasonably; they could not stop asking for signs.

Today people think like the ancient faithless crowd, that God only gave power to Peter and Paul to teach WITHOUT  A BIBLE and not to the Pope to teach without the bible. People do not even understand the extent of Authority given to the Bishops and how they are meant to exercise it. The painful thing is that even Catholics who claim to be "wise" try to challenge the Church. They say "I am a Catholic, but these teachings are wrong because they have no biblical foundation". Like i said, they are understandable since they seek foundation. But the problem is that the truth you deny has the same foundation with the Bible you want to believe; the Two Are founded on APOSTOLIC Authority, and it is this that you should resort to; Apostolic authority wielded by the Pope and Bishops in communion with him.

The one who has the Authority; the Keys to the Kingdom of heaven (given by Christ to Peter, the prince of the Apostles) is the head of the Apostles, not the Bible. We read the Bible today because the bearer of that Key, says we should read it as Book of Authority, how then are we placing the Bible over the Church who gathered it and canonized it ?

The Church believes that the Bible has great Authority, but she also recognized that Tradition has power as well. While the bible is the written form of the Will of God, Tradition is the Oral form of the same will. So, if we were not too fast in condemning the Church and read histories behind these truths, then we will begin to understand why they are believed by the Church.  If you think you are wiser than thousands, or even millions of bishops who professed this faith for 2000 years now, then i think you need to think again.

May God help us all.