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Love is transformational, its intense heat is geared towards Change and Union. The force that comes from God BINDS; calls together, causes a "Communio" a "Koinonia" a "Communion" of persons with persons, of persons with God.

This is what Love is: The giving of self, the 'loss' of an identity; the entire submission to another, the rediscovery and newness of identity in/with another.

Love is not just possessing but being possessed. That One is possessed by another, and the other by the One; that in possessing they actually aren't possessive, but most humbly submit themselves to be melted and remoulded regularly into One Body, and One Spirit.

This is what love is: Humility and service, forgetfulness and docility, purity of intention and generosity, faith and trust, and finally childlike trust and something of (not literally) risky "stupidity"; one of trusting entirely and without reserve. This is what love is.

Love is not a mere feeling meant to be played with by the young and inexperienced, the fire burns !

Love is not possession as though one is a commodity.
Love is not lies and deceit, love is not fear of being lied to/cheated.
Love is not distrust and fear of loss.
Love is not impurity and covetous selfishness.
Love is not material things or qualities in a person.
Love is not for a while; a trial run; a momentary stuff meant to be discarded later.

Love is powerful flames, it burns, transforms, and illumines
Love is eternal union, nothing quenches it
Love is purity, no ill can taint it
Love is above the lovers, cannot be controlled at will by each; a law they both submit to !

Indeed what 90% (or just to be fair 70%) of people have is either lust or childish infatuation, if people knew how sacred love is, they'd recognize that Only the Almighty can confer the gift of perfect/selfless Self-giving. Which is a grace that comes ONLY FROM GOD, and is an INDISPENSABLE sign of love; of true love.

Show me where two people love themselves thus, and i will point you where the Seraphim* camp beside them !

Just thinking:)

*The Seraphim (or singular : Seraph) is the highest of the Nine Choirs of Angels. According to tradition, they are the ones who stand closest to God's throne, they have been described by Pseudo Dionysius as "Fiery" since they BURN WITH THE LOVE OF GOD.

I wish that all men may be set ablaze with true Love of God and neighbor, what a world we'd have !, where all are but a single Flame, directed upwards !

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Saturday, March 08, 2014

Sometimes i wonder what people think prayer is. Someone prays for 2 hours, and more than 90% of his/her words is directed TO SATAN "I come against you, i bind you, holy Ghost fire".

I have not written to condemn it, i have only written to give something of a food for thought.

1. Jesus said "Pray thus 'Our Father'" and inferring from this, ALL our prayers are to be directed HEAVENWARD not to HELL.

2. When you talk to the devil, God is no longer in the picture.

3. The devil is not interested whether you have accidents or not, so casting him from the road isn't ideal, he is interested in advising you to sin against God, so if causing accident will make you lose faith in God, maybe he will have reasons to do that then. He is interested in YOUR SOUL, not your material problems. He only will use your bad situations to encourage you to lose faith in God.

4. Some people who believe in witches and wizards find it hard to sleep, whilst their neighbors who are not as superstitious sleep soundly. WHY?

5. The battle you engage in belongs to God, Only He can actually defeat the enemy in such a combat, not you. Many people who have seen the devil himself DID NOT SURVIVE. I assure you, were the devil to appear, you will not stand a chance before him. You may either collapse or lose sanity. The attention is to be on God, and on heaven. You may say "God protect me from Satan" and not "Satan i come against you", the first one is speaking to God, the second one is directed to the devil.

6. When some people say "Satan Holy Ghost fire", he is probably laughing at their faces. God is not at war with the devil, God is at war with sin. When you refuse to repent, you are making yourself God's enemy and this is what the devil wants. So scream all the "Die Satan die" or "holy Ghost fire" Satan will not die. He will always be near you to tempt you to sin. If you doubt, then i wonder why you still get tempted even WHILE YOU PRAY. This is because a demon who is not somewhere HE SHOULD NOT BE, cannot leave for you. Meaning: When a demon possesses a person, he is where he is not supposed to be, when someone with the gift of exorcism gives the command in God's name, they flee. But you cannot tell the devil, who "goes around seeking for people to devour" to stop working. What then do you want him to do? To lie down and sleep in hell? HE WILL KEEP WORKING no matter how many times you shout. The better thing to do is to be sure you have no ties with him, that your relationship is with God. The Devil then will have no hold on your life, you will be free !

I too have had my share of superstition, i too know what it feels like calling the devil. I suffered grievously for it, God taught me a lesson i cannot forget. Then i thought i was praying, i did not know i was offending God by being proud. Right now my prayer is "Lord i love you, make me love you more, protect me from THINGS I DO NOT KNOW, for i TRUST IN YOUR LOVE FOR ME".

And i assure you, since then, i have not been carried by any witch, i am still alive !

Remember that such fear is from the devil.

May the Lord protect his people. Amen.


This is not condemnation, only giving my view. God bless you !

After this was published on Facebook and criticized by some of our followers, the following reply was published:


I am indeed amazed that some people are unable to read well and judge objectively. I separate personal views from official Catholic Teachings, for this reason i said I DO NOT CONDEMN BUT GIVE AN OPINION. Some people jumped upon it and said I MISLEAD. Well, what can i say than hope they are wrong?

I sincerely hope that by directly condemning my opinion, and accusing me of misleading people that you are actually being mature, and leading people to God through your uncharitable and hurtful comments. (i.e. for some of the comments not all)


Our misunderstanding stems from the fact that some of us DO NOT KNOW CATECHISM the same way. It is not my level of Doctrinal knowledge that the other person has, and it is not his own understanding that i too possess.

After some time of reflection on the replies given by people, with all the quality contrary views (Which i honestly respect), and other heartbreaking comments (Which honestly makes me doubt if some of us here are Catholics at all), i have discovered that our problem is understanding basic Catechism.


"But as many as received him, to them he gave power to become sons of God" (Jn 1:12), older scripts render the word "power" as "grace", pointing directly to BAPTISM, not some kind of 'authority' per se.


Baptism washes Original sin, makes us Members of the Church. But the most miraculous part is that IT INFUSES DIVINE LIFE in our souls, making us Children of God. This "life" is called "grace". So that when you lose it to mortal sin (AND ONLY MORTAL SIN), you are no longer in the "state of GRACE", and you are no longer worthy of eternal life. However, when you fall sick, have accident, lose your job, this "Divine Life" is still there until you COMMIT A MORTAL SIN. What i was saying all along is simple:

What the devil wants is for you to lose this LIFE OF CHRIST IN YOU, the IDENTITY THAT MAKES YOU REALLY DIVINE, which is GRACE. Without this identity, you are nothing; you will not go to heaven. YOU CAN STILL BIND AND CAST AND DEMONS OBEY,  “Many will say to Me in that day, ‘Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied in Your name, CAST OUT DEMONS in Your name, and done many WONDERS in Your name?’ And then I will declare to them, ‘I NEVER KNEW you; depart from Me, you who practice LAWLESSNESS!’” (Matthew 7:22-23).

Simply put : A Christian who does not really obey God well can command the devil and he obeys, but someone who knows God does not necessarily need to command the devil, but to "OBEY THE WORDS OF MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN" (Mt 7:21). This "Life" is ALL the devil wants, he wants you to lose it, he wants you to believe whatever you think "works for you" and go to hell after. He can go any length to make you believe something you should not, to make you remove your attention from the real treasure which is this LIFE.


The real reason we are Christians is because Christ Came. The reason Christ came is to save us from sin; by conferring upon us his mercy and grace; purchasing our freedom, and conferring upon us his own Nature, which is DIVINE LIFE OF GRACE. When the Christian is in UNION WITH CHRIST, the battle is OVER !

When he is separated, come thunder come fire, he is not God's property.

Prayer means RAISING OUR HEARTS AND MINDS TO GOD, i.e. Loving communion with Him.

Let me provide a help, PICTURE yourself in front of God's throne, with the devil beside you, who do you turn and speak to, God who shines in great light and power? or the devil who tries to get your attention by making noise? IF your answer is that when you see God very close to your face, you'd still lift your voice to shout at Lucifer than have a Love Talk with God, then continue doing what you do, But if your answer is that his beauty will attract you, his loving face lure you to come closer to him, your mouth moving with words of admiration of his love, his glory, his beauty and splendor, moving with words of forgiveness and mercy, with sighs of joy and love. If this is your attitude in such an occasion, an attitude which means that you SPEAK TO GOD, even in sighs and silence, and almost forget the noise the devil makes in the background, trusting that "My Lover belongs to me, and I belong to my Beloved" Songs of Solomon 6:3, trusting that if the devil comes behind with a 'knife', that God will protect you, trusting that even before the devil attempts anything God already knows, and will keep you from harm, trusting like a little Child NOT MEASURING THE OUTCOME OF THIS TOTAL SURRENDER. This is what a mature faith will do, a faith rooted deeply in a LOVE AFFAIR with God, not just a person who still considers himself a WARRIOR, but the one who considers himself a LOVER.

If you agree with the above attitude, and still shout at the devil it means you have little or no faith in God's protection and jealous love. You think God will let him take you away even though you have been faithful in LOVE.  You still PICTURE God as being far off, and you are left to battle "Principalities and powers" (Which battle actually means REMAINING IN GRACE).

Faith makes us "see" God close to us, makes us see Christ IN US and love makes us see him IN OTHERS, when the three Theological Virtues are present in your soul, you are invincible to the enemy. The Devil can use NATURAL occurrences to tempt you, but he cannot do you real harm. ALL TIES WITH THE DEVIL BEGINS BY COMMITTING SIN, and BEING DISOBEDIENT, and ALL TIES WITH GOD IS KEPT BY FAITH, HOPE and LOVE. When you are tied to God, you need not fight, you only need to LOVE MORE, since the more you love (As St John says) the more you resemble God, and the more you resemble God, the more you are shielded in his great light, away from the reach of the enemy's darkness, the more you are transformed into LIGHT ITSELF. If you doubt this, then keep doing what you wish, however, i am speaking to people who are willing to have an attitude of the Church Fathers and Saints, who have ALL TAUGHT THE SAME thing about prayer and being in union with Christ. The Mystics say that when you have loved God (and i believe this too), you are transformed into a FIRE OF LOVE, into God who is CONSUMING FIRE. This FIRE is LOVE, for GOD IS LOVE. If you want to be free from the devil, then LOVE, LOVE AND LOVE. Say prayers that foster this love, spend all your time professing this love to Jesus, that profession is enough to gain you both eternal and temporal salvation. This is what True Catholic Faith teaches. When i was still in the monastery, we'd pray seven times everyday, waking up at 2:30am, just to sing praises to God, confess our Love in "Prayer of the Heart", in order to live throughout the day in service and love. We'd study in order to pray better, work better, but most importantly LOVE MORE !

So when an average Christian stands, commanding the devil, and a holy man who LOVES kneels and simply sighs lovingly to God, the Lover's sigh reaches heaven 100X faster, and puts the devil into confusion more. Because this sigh is ENTIRELY FROM LOVE, the only language the devil does not know since he himself CANNOT LOVE. This is the type of prayer that Mary herself would pray, St Padre Pio, Bernard of Clairvaux, Lawrence, Gregory the Great, ALL DOCTORS, ALL FATHERS OF OLD, ALL SAINTS !

Read their lives, books etc, your sense of Faith will change for the better. When you have understood how their lives were transformed by this Flame of Love (Which St John of the Cross wrote about), your life will be set ablaze with this Love, when you have kept in touch with Papal Encyclicals, Exhortations and other Documents of the Church, you will then know HOW THE CHURCH PRAYS. Not when you simply learn from just one priest or just one brother, ITS BETTER TO GO TO THE FOUNTAIN DIRECTLY, letting the Church herself teach you, rather than draw conclusions on your own. Your conclusions can be good and can lead to God, but the Church's directive leads you 100X faster.

This is what i conclude with. Let everyone believe what he can understand, i am not condemning anything or anyone AT ALL, but let those who understand what this means learn something new. And those who even though they do not like me or my thoughts, but have come to see i speak maturely, let them drop their prides, and acknowledge that all precious stones may be precious, but DIAMONDS LAST FOREVER !

ALL PRAYERS ARE PRECIOUS, but the one that flames from the heart of a lover is usually simple, less theatrical , but MOST POWERFUL !

Therefore FIRE PRAYERS may be Gold, but LOVE-TALK  / LOVE-UNION with God is DIAMOND!

Wake me up from sleep @ Midnight, all i can think of is JESUS MY LOVE, call me a child, call me a novice, i agree, i may be worse. Only that I am not just a Christian, i am A LOVER drunk with the FINEST WINE OF GOD'S LOVE !


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One of the things that eat deep into our hearts is FEAR. We are scared of very many things; even things that do not exist. One of the major obstacles to the spiritual life is this vice's second face:Cowardice.

So many Christians are afraid of changing their lives, they do not know what life will be like if they were to live without being attached to certain things, including sins.

At one time in our lives, the Holy Spirit offers us a chance to run away from the bondage of sin, but due to this crippling fear of the "Unknown" we choose to remain in the "known" even though we are not perfectly happy in it; we choose to remain in the sin toward which we have formed strong love for. We dread the thought of living without telling a lie; how can i succeed in my business without cheating? we ask ourselves. We cannot think of the possibility of surviving a day/week without sex; we cannot imagine life without an illegitimate sex partner, we believe we might drop dead if we denied ourselves the deadly pleasure of illegitimate sexual intercourse.

However, since the mind is prone to exaggeration, this in turn affects the way we evaluate things. We believe lots of things to be this way whilst they are that way; we ascribe qualities to things we have not even seen. We decide even God's nature, crafting our own gods in our little heads. We imagine that the spiritual life is going to be dreary, unadventurous, sad, annoying and extremely depressing. Worst of all, we reject any truth that tries to correct our many lies.

As a living testimony, i say, i have never been happier in my life than when i quit my active attachment to sin, and began a sincere journey into the Mystery of God; Jesus let me into his heart and i realized how foolish i have been all along. I believed the pleasures i enjoyed could never be equaled with anything, i believed my heart could not survive without the companionship of a lover. But then, immediately after my initial conversion, i couldn't imagine being with any other lover but the Lord and his Mother.

Then i began to understand how impossible it is to repent, exactly because we humans DO NOT WANT TO LET GO, not because God does not grant the grace needed. We are scared to come out in the Light, preferring to hide in our darkness; the shadow of this light is mostly as far as we can go. We prefer to remain locked in a city we ourselves have built, rejecting the possibility of having any better city, even the one built by God himself is to us tiring and depressing. We run to seek out happiness, to suck it from every empty container, to scrape if from every little waste we find, feeding from every refuse dump just to sap even rotten/wasted happiness. We have been invited to soar up high like the eagle, gaining interior peace, becoming free as the children of God should be, we choose rather to remain in our own yokes; to remain slaves to our own passions, we loathe anything or anyone that advices us to change, we threaten anything that disturbs our ears with the Lord's message to repentance, we eliminate anything that troubles our consciences;  anything that threatens our little world of clay. We may accept his promises of blessings and protection, we may listen to his consoling words, but never to his summons to a true change of heart.

Catholics ARISE !! STAND FROM YOUR SINS !!! Jesus is calling you today, Jesus loves you. Come on into this love union with Jesus, nothing can be sweeter than it ! Every other thing shall begin to make more sense when you are in God. The whole of creation will serve to bring his word to your soul. Then you shall taste a love so powerful you can never sleep at night in sorrow or pain, a love so powerful you can never be afraid of even the Lord's anger anymore since you have great confidence in his love and mercy upon you, a love so powerful you will be lost in God, lost in his immensity, become just like Jesus, and confuse even the devil himself with this new identity. A love so powerful that you will be transformed into the Living Flame of the Lord's light, you will begin to breathe the fire of his love, spiting tiny little fires of love everywhere you go, caring for all of creation as the Lord intended, bringing light to those in darkness, announcing the message of freedom to all in captivity, raising those who have fallen asleep in sin, and bringing all men who encounter you to the God of your heart; setting all things ablaze ! Since you are already aflame with God's Spirit, you cannot help but set everything you touch on fire with God.

YOU, yes YOU can become like Jesus. Only start right now. Not tomorrow, HERE and NOW, part ways with your sins, throw the devil away from your house, give him all his property and he will depart, but if you keep as little as a pin that belongs to him, he will always have the right into your heart.

Brethren i really wish i can make you understand the urgency of this message. I wish you can see through my heart right now, these words have made me feel like a woman in labour, i wish that in giving it out, it might be born in Your HEART; that in your heart may dwell these and similar words of God, drawing all men to salvation through repentance and adherence to God in his Church.


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Now that you are alive, you have friends for whom you live, friends who you consider soul mates. You have family for whom you live, who have shared your life; in whose life you share as well.

You, like every normal human being crave company. WE all want to be loved, we crave to love even more. We want to be valued, we also want to pour our lives on someone or on people. The Love we experience here is very powerful, so much so that in marriage its act of consummation (Conjugal Union) gives life to another Living person.

However, in the midst of all the company, beneath all that love lies a certain kind of necessary, unavoidable betrayal. Far from the normal interpretation of betrayal, this one is even more devastating, since at one time, we feel so alone and so abandoned. That moment it death. When we die, we feel detached, torn from all the things we once enjoyed, torn from family, friends, torn from a marital partner whom we love dearly. We feel "Alone", the more we have been pledged eternal "Unending love", the more the pain we shall experience. This pain will be there if we have no friend to walk with us, no hand to hold us, no lips to speak words of love and comfort to us, no shoulder to lean upon when we are weary on our eternal journey. These earthly friends become separated from us in a certain sense. We can no longer share their lives like we used to.

In the midst of all these confusion is a friend whose hands is long enough to reach us even in the underworld, whose feet has walked those paths, whose power conquered the darkness therein, Jesus is his name. If our lives have been one of friendship and service to the Lord, we shall be sure his power and mercy will lead us to our homeland. No friend is more important than Jesus, for at last, when our feet are prepared to walk the longest distance of all, he will be there to walk each step with us.

Why then would someone ever replace pleasing Jesus with pleasing men who have no true love for us? Men who would lie to take advantage of us, men who even though they are faithful to us are unable to keep their promise of "loving you forever" of "always being there" since if we do not die and leave they die and abandon us. Men who would only weep, wipe their eyes and quickly replace us with someone probably better than us.

What a friend we have in Jesus !!!



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